Review of Skincare Philosophy – Is This the Skincare Brand For You?

You may have heard of the brand in skincare – philosophy, and if you’re still unsure about if it’s the right brand for you then read this quick and honest article about it.

You learn how to separate the companies with good products from the bad ones by looking at the ingredients of their products. The skincare philosophy company has very professional and good-looking products, but let’s take a closer look before we’re sure. well with sativa cbd

The good thing about philosophy is that they do have some beneficial ingredients like essential oils in their skincare products. A few of their products are almost natural. They also say they have scientific research behind the products, although they do not show any real evidence of it.

Their products also seem to be help in the short-term, as you can see some positive feedback. But are skincare philosophy products effective and healthy to use in the long-term?

If you look closer at the ingredients of the skincare creams, you’ll see ingredients like methylparaben and propylparaben among others. These are ingredients that are highly questionable, as recent scientific studies of parabens suggest they can cause cancer, hormonal issues and allergic reactions.

Of course, these are issues that develop over the years and not over night. But are you willing to take the risk?

The conclusion is that skincare philosophy may be effective in the short-term, but most of their creams may cause unpleasant skin and health issues after prolonged use, and is mostly not suitable for sensitive skin.

A better choice would be completely natural skincare products, with clinical studies you can look up online as evidence for their effectiveness. I encourage you to do a little research on your own to find what ingredients can harm you and which ones are beneficial, so you find a cream that improves your skin and keeps it young-looking and healthy.

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