Key Elements to Be Considered When Designing a Website

If your business still doesn’t have a website, it will soon feel out of place in this fiercely competitive market. Having a website has become so necessary that your consumers, by default expect every business to have one. With the growing internet popularity and online marketing, establishing your brand’s online presence has become more than just a necessity.

A website is a business’s most powerful communication tool that conveys its brand message to the world. It is the face of your business, a virtual store that informs consumers about your products/services. It adds to your credibility and instils a sense of trust amongst the consumers. According to a survey by Forbes, 97% of clients purchasing decisions are influenced by a company’s website and good websites are recognised by their design. There is plethora of websites available online that sell the same products and services but still only a selected few are able to generate high revenues from it. The website design is what sets those selected websites apart from the other similar ones. There are a few elements to be considered to have an aesthetic website. These include: e poe tegemine

• Appearance:
Your website should look very attractive and pleasing as it creates the first impression for the consumer. The design should be simple yet eye-catching. There should be a good colour scheme which is in line with your brand identity. It should consist of visually appealing graphics, as images tend to captivate the user’s attention. The text should also be readable with a proper font selection. However, the site shouldn’t be overdone with flashy images, videos and harsh colours. The design should be kept simple, clean and professional.

• Usability:
The successful website is the one which provides the customer with what they are looking for. The navigation of the site should be so simple that it requires minimum effort from the customer to access information he/she requires. It should be user-friendly, well-organised and compatible in different browsers. It should lead the customer from one page to another without any confusion. The menus should be few and clearly highlighted for the customer’s convenience. Studies suggest that most visitors leave a website due to its slow-loading pages. Hence it is very critical for a website to load quickly.

• Content:
A website which is visually enticing but has poor content would have the highest bounce rates. Even if visitors come to the website because of the attractive design, they would leave disappointed if the content is old, grammatically incorrect and spammed with keywords. Content is the key and therefore the website must be informative and the content relevant. The content must also be broken into small paragraphs or bullets as no one likes to read long essays on the website.

• Search Engine Friendly:
A website not only has to please the consumers but also has to please the search engines so that it ranks higher on search results. The ultimate of any website is to reach out to a wider audience and convert the traffic into sales. It would reach more audiences only when it achieves a higher ranking on the search engines. Hence, the website design must be SEO friendly.

• Responsive:
In this internet era, a majority of the consumers access websites on mobiles, and tablets etc. A website with a responsive design automatically adapts itself to the device the user views the website from. This makes the experience both smooth and easy for the mobile users. Considering the percentage of consumers using mobiles, it is absolutely critical for the website to be made responsive.

All these elements together make a website look aesthetic as well as functional. Anyone can make a website but making a responsive, appealing and SEO friendly website is the work of any expert. If you require a website for your business, please contact SEO companies in Redditch that are experienced in website design services.

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